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Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration Speaker – Judge Roy W. King, Ret.

Written on April 2nd, 2009 at 10:27 am by Brandon Pierson.

To honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., the Office of Multicultural Affairs invited retired Judge Roy W. King to campus.Judge Roy W. King, Ret.

Two questions that Mr. King pondered during his speech were -

How far have we progressed in realizing the dream of Martin Luther King Jr.?

What can young people do to continue Dr. King’s dream?

Judge Roy W. King stated that Dr. King was a “Merchant of Hope.” Which I believe to be a phrase that encompasses his legacy perfectly. If we look to our current leaders such as President Barack Obama, we can see how the idea of hope and change has brought together a people.

Mr. King spoke a great deal about service. He said “young people are change agents.” He continued to state that as the youth of a nation it is our resonsibility to go back to our communities – to serve, and be great.

At the end of this speech, he left the audience with two questions to ask ourselves -

What can I do…?

What have I done…?

…in my community, in my profession, and in my calling?

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Diversity @ Keuka College

Written on March 3rd, 2009 at 02:25 pm by Brandon Pierson.

Wow, time flies! First off, update from my Field Period, Italy was incredible…I had the time of my life! Italy has some of the best culture and sights in the world! The hundreds of pictures I took don’t do the country justice.

Now that I am back from Italy, I am contributing to the many programs on campus that are highlighting culture and diversity.

Bearers of Ancient Kultures United (BAKU - the multicultural club), which I am President of, created programs for Black History Month, including showing the movie the Secret Life of Bees with a discussion with the Director of Multicultural Affairs here on campus, Chevanne DeVaney. We have also spend a few hours talking with new students!!

The Office of Multicultural Affairs has also been creating programs that surpass anything done before! Chevanne DeVaney is continuing every day to bring new cultural experiences to us. We had Lucille Mallard here, the Geneva Chapter President of the NAACP, to celebrate the 100 years of the NAACP.

For the future, March is bringing two influencial people to campus. NCAA Diversity Speaker Brian C. Johnson and Judge Roy W. King from Rochester for the Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration!

Be looking for an interview with Chevanne DeVaney! She is one influencial woman on campus and a great mentor!

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1 day left…

Written on December 9th, 2008 at 05:05 pm by Brandon Pierson.

There is one day left of this semester. One more final to get through and then the grade report will come. However, here at Keuka, we complete Field Periods. The Field Periods are the perfect way to find out if what we think we want to be, really is what we want to be! So, during December and January, we go out “on location” to take part in our own learning! I have done my previous two in my major of Education (one in a third grade classroom and one in a fifth grade classroom; I lived at home during both).

However, this December, my Field Period will not take place in my hometown or New York for that matter. I am taking part in a Group Field Period to Italy! Our supervisor is Dr. Diamond, a professor of History here at the college. There are students, family, and faculty members coming on the trip. We are leaving five days after Christmas. We will welcome in 2009 in Rome. Then…we will travel the country, from Rome to Florence to Venice, down the Amalfi Coast to Assisi, and back to Vatican City. I am looking forward to this wonderful experience of traveling abroad. (I hope to include pictures of the trip and possibly blog entries while in Italy!)

Stay warm and enjoy the holiday season!

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Start of Junior Year…

Written on September 17th, 2008 at 03:21 pm by Brandon Pierson.

I am attending Keuka College for childhood and special education with a concentration in history. I have done two Field Periods; one in a third grade and the other in a fifth grade. My future Field Period will be a group trip to Italy. I am President of BAKU (Bearers of Ancient Kultures United) – the multicultural club on campus. While being the President of BAKU, I also work in the Office of Multicultural Affairs. Within the club and office, we focus on the topic of diversity on campus.

Now that I am into my third year here at Keuka, my education classes are underway and my many tasks are just beginning. The days are counting down until my flight to Italy.