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Transfer Student Scholarship Spotlight: Andrew Anderson

Written on November 13th, 2009 at 09:31 am by Pete Bekisz.


Growing up on a farm and being homeschooled provided Andrew Anderson with unique perspectives.

“I gained good common sense and self-motivation,” said Anderson, who helped his father to produce a hearty tomato crop this year despite it being a rainy season that contributed to diseased tomatoes for many other farmers.

His good sense is what led him to Keuka College.

“I looked at a few other colleges further away, but when I visited Keuka, I realized how knowledgeable the professors were and I liked what was being taught so close to home,” said the Rushville resident who commutes back and forth to campus.

Furthermore, the management major holds to the notion that “you don’t need to go into debt for things. Often times with interest, you end up paying twice or more what something is worth.”

So, the Transfer Scholarship recipient—who holds an associate degree in business administration from Finger Lakes Community College—saw Keuka as a good value, too.

“Attending Keuka was something I could do on my own, without asking for help from people,” said Anderson, who aspires to become a pilot in the Air Force after earning a bachelor’s degree.