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1 day left…

Written on December 9th, 2008 at 05:05 pm by Brandon Pierson.

There is one day left of this semester. One more final to get through and then the grade report will come. However, here at Keuka, we complete Field Periods. The Field Periods are the perfect way to find out if what we think we want to be, really is what we want to be! So, during December and January, we go out “on location” to take part in our own learning! I have done my previous two in my major of Education (one in a third grade classroom and one in a fifth grade classroom; I lived at home during both).

However, this December, my Field Period will not take place in my hometown or New York for that matter. I am taking part in a Group Field Period to Italy! Our supervisor is Dr. Diamond, a professor of History here at the college. There are students, family, and faculty members coming on the trip. We are leaving five days after Christmas. We will welcome in 2009 in Rome. Then…we will travel the country, from Rome to Florence to Venice, down the Amalfi Coast to Assisi, and back to Vatican City. I am looking forward to this wonderful experience of traveling abroad. (I hope to include pictures of the trip and possibly blog entries while in Italy!)

Stay warm and enjoy the holiday season!