Rachi Shah, Lake Ronkonkoma

Name: Rachi Shah
High School: Sachem High School
Hometown: Lake Ronkonkoma
Class Year: sophomore

Of all the NYS Envirothon elements, which do you find most challenging and why?

Forestry. The trees are different than what we have on Long Island, and the questions are harder because there is a time limit.

How does this compare to the county-level competition?

It is more competitive and there is a different focus, but the questions are about the same.

What do you like best about competing on a college campus?

It is really fun to spend the night with my friends, learn about Keuka, and get to walk around the campus.

What are your plans next year?

I will continue being active in school, and the Envirothon.

What is your dream job?

I want to be a pediatrician.

In your view, what is the most important environmental issue faced by our country, and what can your generation do about it?

Economics and environment to be feasible and protect the planet. We have to make sure environmental protection is on the top of our list.

Water: Bottled or Tap? Why?

I prefer tap water because it is safer and cleaner.


Scientist: Richard Roberts
Book: My Sister’s Keeper
Fruit or Vegetable: watermelon and tomatoes
Vacation Spot:Lake Tahoe
Movie: none
Quote: Dream more than others think possible.
Web Site:none

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