This is the home page for the Center for Aquatic Research at Keuka College.

Research provides information and data about our current and past research projects.

People provides a list and description of the people (both current and past) doing the research with the Center.

Teacher Workshop is the main site for the past RAC-CEMS Summer Institutes: “Using Zebra Mussels for Good, Not Evil” held in 2009 and 2010 for high school science teachers.

Community shows how people interested in Keuka Lake, the Finger Lakes, or aquatic ecology in general can find out what is going on and ask questions.

Join CAR page provides information about working with CAR, either as a Keuka student or an interested member of the community.

Is it too cold for a  swim (or dive) today?  Check here for current Keuka Lake temperatures.

—   CAR News —

NCUR 2011April 2011: CAR student researchers Felicia Lenzo and Joe Spulick, presented a poster at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research (NCUR).  Their project, “Putting Zebra Mussels to the Test: Can This Invasive Species Be Exploited for Good?” was selected for this competitive national conference held in Ithaca, NY.

July 2010: The high school teachers conference, “Using Zebra Mussels for Good, Not Evil: Hands-on Experiments and Modeling Activities” was presented during the last week of July 2010.

World's Top 10 Lakeside Retreats from Weather.com

World's Top 10

July 2009: We at CAR are studying the world’s best!  Keuka Lake and the other Finger Lakes were chosen as the best “Lakeside Retreat” area in the world by the Weather Channel.  Click here for more information.

Teachers on the water!

July 2009: The high school teachers conference, “Using Zebra Mussels for Good, Not Evil: Hands-on Experiments and Modeling Activities“, was completed at the end of July.  By all accounts the conference was a great success.  Click here for more information and links to media coverage.

2009 Envirothon Aquatic Exam picture

2009 Envirothon Aquatic Exam

May 2009: Keuka College hosted the 2009 New York Envirothon state competition.  CAR researchers created and administered the Aquatics exam.  See more information about the Envirothon here.  See coverage of the event from the Finger Lakes Times here.

NCUR 2009

NCUR 2009

April 2009: CAR student researchers present findings at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research!  See this link for more information.


The goals of the Center for Aquatic Research at Keuka College

  1. To provide authentic aquatic research opportunities to Keuka College students and faculty
  2. To better understand the structure and functions of Keuka Lake’s biology and ecology and other water bodies through long-term and ongoing student-centered scientific investigation
  3. To focus the Center’s research efforts on methods and projects that are unique, but complement, the work at existing regional research programs.
  4. To become a high profile entity in support of the Keuka College mission of experiential, hands-on education
  5. To positively and effectively interact and the public, and regional institutions, and associations.

Questions or comments?  Contact Dr. Tim Sellers at tsellers_at_keuka.edu


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